Slump in business mood? Now is the time to change the narrative

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Slump in business mood? Now is the time to change the narrative

If your business is battle weary and your employees psychologically beaten, there is no better time than the start of the new year for a fresh beginning – an ideal opportunity to focus, sort out what can be sorted out and chart a course forward.

This is advice from Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies, who says that while it is impossible to ignore challenges and their impact, the best approach is really to remain positive and resolute.

“We have combined our expertise and market experience with extensive online research, to cherry pick some tips on how to create positive thinking and apply this to your business,” says McAlister. “This is not simply motivational thinking – it’s real-life, practical examples and ways to encourage positivity.”

CRS Technologies emphasises that business, by its nature, is challenging and under normal circumstances there is a fair amount of stress involved. However, as business leaders and economists do their utmost to guide economies out of COVID-19 and help companies deal with operating in a post-COVID era, the power of mental strength becomes all the more important.

There are a number of ways to instil and nurture a positive frame of mind, which is essential to deal with the day-to-day challenges, says McAlister. lists the most important of these as limiting exposure to media and social media, discovering passion, and surrounding oneself and/or companies with positive people.

“Clearly the emphasis is on exposure to positive people and scenarios, on documenting positive influences and the impact of these on business, on people. Businesses must do all they can to strengthen and embolden resources at their disposal, especially human resources,” says McAlister.

CRS Technologies also stresses the importance of taking ownership of emotions, thoughts and actions in the business world.

“Employers and employees are called on to set examples, to take responsibility for their actions. The principle is essentially straightforward – whatever you absorb, whatever you read, listen to or watch, that is what will ultimately influence your frame of mind. So, if you take in negativity, you give off negativity, if you immerse yourself in positivity, that is exactly what you will project.”

Other noteworthy tips include some very clear advice from, which recommends only listening to experts, paying attention to interaction and advice from mentors and business leaders, and not being shy to ask for help, if and when necessary.

Says McAlister: “None of us has the ability to go it alone and do everything ourselves. We have to accept that teamwork is a must in today’s business world. The correct advice and the right time can make all the difference. Now, more than ever, we work together with people who have the right mental approach, positive reinforcement and are prepared to back up what they say. That is exactly what will differentiate businesses in the economy in 2023.”

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